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Read complete information about Abha Card to avail free government health schemes. If you have not taken Abha card then let’s see in this blog how to take Govt Abha card for free in just 2 minutes. Abha Card plays an important role in the health campaign launched by the Government of India. Abha card has many benefits.So first of all let’s know what exactly this card is for and how to use it properly.

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“Ayushman Bharat Health Account” Ayushman Bharat Health Account CardThat is Abha Card. It is a digital card that stores all your health information and details at one place. That is, what disease you had before, in which hospital you were treated, which medication was given to you for how long and which operation you had. Your blood group and all other information about your health will be stored in this card.

All this information will be used to treat you properly, that is, when you go to a clinic, the unique ID number on the Abha card will be noted down by the doctor and your past health history will help to treat you properly.

Henceforth, Abha card will be very useful for availing various health related government schemes and the government is thinking of making it mandatory.

Following steps will help you to get this versatile Abha card

  1. Search Abha Card on Google and click on this link

  2. Click on create abha card button.

  3. Choose between Aadhaar Card or Driving License. (Enter your Aadhaar card number linked with mobile number)

  4. Download Abha card by filling the otp received on mobile.


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